Locarno Film Festival Contest

Poster Contest for the Locarno Film Festival 2021.

January 2021

Visual Concept, Poster, …

Patricia Bürkli, Olivia Hubli

Locarno Film Festival

Top 5 Poster Contest Locarno Filmfestival

Change is the only constant. Our design is as diverse as the films shown at the Locarno Film Festival. With our visual concept we put your festival directly in the spotlight and give it a unique character.

Derivation of the spots.

Of course, our concept should remain true to the spirit of the Locarno Film Festival and represent the identity of the film festival with the leopard theme.

Since a film offers the audience the freedom of interpretation and viewing, we wanted to do the same with our posters. We decided not to adopt the leopard on the poster 1:1. Instead, we wanted to take up the beautiful spotted drawing and combine it with typographic elements. In this way, you can discover different states on the poster and lose yourself in them – just like in a film.

Design elements

So we designed a poster series that lives from change and narration. Using the leopard spots we had extracted from a picture, we designed posters in three different states. A leopard version, a typography version and a mix form. These three states can be mixed and combined to form an infinite number of poster versions, which is intended to reflect the versatility of the festival, the movement and narration of films. In addition, the independent character of the forms and the Leo typeface guarantee recognition.

Just as the points of the leopard are diverse and change over time, so too is the ever-changing culture of the film. Therefore our self-designed font is also shapeshifting and always changing.

The combination with the house font allows a smooth transition from abstract leopard shapes to the existing font.

Font details
Here we want to show you the transition of the font in detail. The following animations are just sketches, but this is how we intend the result to be.

Poster in use

The animated poster receives maximum attention and recognition, especially on the billboards where the exciting morphing of the characters happens.
Design concept on the big screen

As in the other examples, the animation and flexible design open up countless possibilities.

For signalling, screens such as iPads or beamers could be used to project the morphing and moving text to draw attention to important signage.

Design idea for nominated films and actors

For nominations of film and actor it would be possible to use the film name or the initials of the nominated actor and fill it with a picture or film clip.

More applications with the highly adaptive design


We are a collaboration of 3 young graphic designers with a passion for cultural creation, especially design, music and film.

Especially the medium film, which combines these aspects, fascinates us and we are happy to present you our visual concept for the Locarno Film Festival 2021.
We thought that a festival of this size deserves a fully comprehensive visual concept that you can see on our landing page.